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Everybody has heard how great the SuperGreens are for you, but we want to hear what you have to say. All comments are welcome as we’d like to hear what you think of the flavor, consistency, and smell. We’d also like to hear about any recipes you may have come up with, such as mixing the SuperGreens with Vanilla flavored YOR MRP, basically anything you can tell us about your experience after trying YOR Supergreens is appreciated.

Todos han escuchado que los SuperGreens son buenos para usted, pero queremos saber lo que usted tiene que decir al respecto. Todos los comentarios son bienvenidos ya que deseamos escuchar que piensa sobre el sabor, la consistencia y el olor. También quisieramos saber de recetas que pueda tener tal como el mezclar SuperGreens con el YOR MRP sabor a Vainilla, basicamente se les agradecería todo los que nos pueda decir sobre su experiencia con el YOR SuperGreens.

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YOR SuperGreens Feedback:

Positive Josephine Collette 10/10/2009 9:40 PM PST   #0
  I have just became a Select Customer (gradually going to be a Distributor) not too long ago...actually just 4 days ago...and I got (and tasted) my Supergreens two days after...so ergo, I have been taking my Supergreens for 3 days and I already feel the difference!!! After I read some of the feedbacks, it's pretty much the same experience...I have had more energy during the day, the poops are getting a little bit uh...smoother...and I don't have the urge to go to that coffee pot or vending machine...if I do, my body tells me, "giiiirl...you don't need that soda!" I drink it with plain water or with apple juice with or without a snack...haven't decided my schedule but most likely I'll have it at least twice a day...or heck three!...I still have some experimenting to do but for the most part its delicious!!! I've tried spirulina with smoothies, but it didn't have the same effects as I am getting from Yor Supergreens, and thats not as palatable...When I scoop my supergreens it gets all over my hands, and I lick my fingers...can't say that with the spirulina! I'm still waiting for my Berry Blast, Repair, and my 1-2-3-4 bottle...ooooo I can't wait!!!
Positive Outtara Ly 08/14/2009 1:22 PM PST   #1
  I went back to my home town a few weeks ago and I ate all of my favorite foods I could think of. Well all the bad food definatly came back to revisit me, on my skin that is. I was breaking out all over my face. So I remembered what Tim Brown said "Load up!" So that's what I did with the SuperGreens I started taking 3 a day and within about a week and a half my skin was back to normal. I LOOOVE THE SUPERGREENS! Thank You YOR Health.
Positive Desirae Beal 08/04/2009 10:18 PM PST   #2
  mmm...just finished an ice cold 2-scoop supergreens with iced tea! Its so good and sooo refreshing. I love it!
Positive Leen 07/28/2009 7:06 PM PST   #3
  I recommend taking this product with orange juice. It tastes delicious!
Positive Keo Sitthirath 07/27/2009 6:49 PM PST   #4
  I have always love vegetables. I probably love veggies more than meats. At the same time, I don't want to sit there and eat my veggies all day. Supergreen is my favorite. I usually have it in the morning because it's very refreshing and help wake me up. I usually mix my supergreen with my vanilla MRP. It taste just like green tea smoothies. My other mix is 1 scoop of supergreen, 4 oz. water & 4 oz. apple juice (cutting back on the sugar from the juice). Knowing that the supergreen has ORAC value of over 13,000 I can be sure that my body can fight off the free radicals. Since I started taking supergreen along with other YOR Health products, I have not been sick. Thank you for this wonderful products. I definetely recommend to my friends and families..
Positive Vicky Aguila 07/25/2009 12:54 PM PST   #5
  I have to say it's one of my favorites
that refreshes me and gives me lots of energy, makes me feel very good during the day. It has many benefits :) Delicious, a very easy way to get fruit and vegetables..
Positive Andrew K 07/25/2009 11:38 AM PST   #6
  Supergreens is superb. I feel a burst of energy every time I finish drinking it. It's just amazing and I can't emphasize it enough. 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one scoop. Just unbelievable, but believe it, YORHealth makes it possible for those who need a quick fix of fruits and vegetables. I am safe to say, SUPERGREENS has changed a big part in my life. Thanks YORHEALTH...
Positive John Zhong 07/25/2009 10:16 AM PST   #7
  I love the supergreens because what it does for me. I feel more energize throughout my day and i dun go out and drink coffee or other energy drink. Plus, im able to get my 24 servings of fruits and vegetables of antioxident power in which it is the TALK OF TODAY'S SOCIETY. I drink it 4 times a day and helps me go pay my dues in the restroom lolz. I drink it when i go to the gym. Thanks YOR Health for helping improve my health and stay GREEN!!!
Positive Ramon 07/25/2009 10:07 AM PST   #8
  I love my supergreens! Everymorning I wake up and the same way a coffee addicts look forward to their coffee, I look forward to my supergreens. The energy and feeling of clarity that I get is priceless.
Positive Adolfo Beltre 07/25/2009 9:32 AM PST   #9
  I love my Super Greens, it gives me such a refreshing feeling through out the day. I take it with 16oz of water, half a scoop of powder Ice tea and 1 full scoop of super greens with ice. Try it, its so delicious!
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